As far as I remember, I always felt a deep attraction and allegiance to the native people, the first nations and the north. At twelve, I did wear my first pair of moccasin and since I’m twenty, I’m wearing days after days my “camo. pants” to demonstrate what kind of human being I am and how I live in harmony with nature.

I completed my formation as a forester technician and worked for 25 years in forestry operations.

When I turned 46 years old, I realised that I had lost the “sparks” and my enthusiasm was getting low. A need of change was growing inside of me, a desire of asking questions, learn, explore and know why...

End of September 2012, I decided to quit my job to take a sabbatical year with no intention to go back.

Summer of 2014, as I explore the North for the first time, I have an inner call telling me what my life is going to be like at this point. I am going to be a “lonesome walking man” with the mission to picture, write and talk about the North.

This web site is dedicated to the protection of the North and the story of its people because it is not possible to love what we don’t know.

I am, Laurent Lemieux, only the messenger!